Why not take on fellow PES 2019 users from all around by going online? For more details, please visit our Official Online Portal site (, or refer to the in-game help feature. (


Set up your PlayStation®4 to go Online. For the required steps, please refer to its User’s Guide. For details on the Operation Policy, the Online Service Agreement, Important Notices as well as information on the necessary Equipment and Network Environment, please visit our Official Online Portal Site.


In order to play online, you must subscribe to PlayStation®Plus (Paid Service). For details on this service and how to subscribe, please visit the PlayStation®Plus official website (


  • When playing online, please ensure that you adhere to any related Laws and Service Agreements. Please also make sure that you are ALWAYS polite and courteous to all fellow users.
  • While this Online Service is provided Free of Charge, you will be charged a separate connection charge by your internet Service Provider.
  • If you are playing using Wireless LAN, please note that electrical appliances such as Microwave Ovens can disrupt the connection.
  • DO NOT disconnect intentionally during Matches.
  • Always ensure you have enough time to complete your matches.
  • Play Hard, but Play Fair!
  • Online service will be unavailable during maintenance regular or otherwise.
  • KONAMI cannot be held liable for any loss of customer data, characters, items, or other data in the event of a system failure, server error, or any other interruption of the service.


  • You will need to register an account tin order to sign in and connect to PSN℠.
  • For information on how to subscribe to PSN℠, please visit the PlayStation® official website. (
  • All downloaded materials will solely be for use with this title.
  • Please note that for the use of network services, you may incur separate connection charges from your internet service provider.
  • This title features Download Content which are both paid and free of charge. Paid Download Content can be purchased with the use of credit cards, "PSN℠ Cards" and "PSN℠ Tickets". You will also need a Sony Entertainment Network Account.
  • Content will be saved on the internal HDD of your PlayStation®4 system. Please make sure that there is sufficient disk space in advance.
  • For details on how to make download purchases at the PlayStation®Store , please visit the PlayStation® official website (!/en-gb/home/games).
  • This service may be terminated some time in future. Please keep up to date with the latest information by visiting our official website.

Each user is assigned a courtesy level based on their online behaviour. All users start out with an “A” rating, but this can decrease through repeated disconnections. C is the lowest rating and on receiving it, you will be issued with restrictions to both matchmaking and competition entry. Ratings will only improve if you go through extended spells with few or no disconnections.

For more details about playing online, please visit our Official Website (, or refer to the in-game help feature.